Patagonia, Chilean Fjords and Antarctica – Voyage of Discovery (Northbound)

03/13/2019 through 03/12/2020
03/13/2019 through 04/02/2020

Patagonia, Chilean Fjords and Antarctica – Voyage of Discovery (Northbound)

This is a truly diverse expedition, with highlights that include spending five days in Antarctica before venturing into the Chilean fjords, discovering the rich wildlife of Patagonia, and visiting one of the most scenic national parks in the world. Enjoy spending time ashore kayaking and hiking, and close encounters with penguins, birds, and seals.

Starting in Punta Arenas, we sail south through the Beagle Strait.

The White Wonder That Is Antarctica

Then we cross Drake Passage to reach Antarctica and witness the mighty frozen vistas of the south. In Antarctica, we will attempt to make landings at several places, including historic sites such as ring-shaped Deception Island, a major harbor for whaling ships until the 1930s. Or Cuverville Island, home to thousands of gentoo penguins, and the British station Port Lockroy from World War II, and Wilhelmina Bay, often called ‘Whale-mina Bay’, because of the large number of humpback whales spotted here. Brown Bluff is recognizable by the 2,460 foot high cliff that dominates the landscape.? Penguins, seals, whales, and large flocks of seabirds give life to this surreal and beautiful landscape. We will bring you ashore to set food on the Antarctic continent and experience unique wildlife. You might also have an opportunity to kayak in the icy waters among the icebergs. And while on board our comfortable ship, enjoy expert talks about Antarctica’s rich history so that you can get even more out of your journey.

Cape Horn and Chilean Fjords

After crossing the Drake Passage heading north, we reach Cape Horn. If conditions permit, we might go ashore on this fabled headland. Then you can look forward to journey into one of the most scenic national parks in the world and into the fjords of Chile. This remote area seems almost untouched by humans. Steep valleys and powerful mountains make a striking contrast to a lush coastline rich in wildlife.

Discover the Natural Beauty of Patagonia

We continue sailing along north along the Chilean coastline of snow-tipped volcanoes, beautiful lakes, raging rivers, and lush vegetation. Enjoy this vast, rugged, beautiful landscape, before the expedition ends in colorful Valparaíso.


Day 1 Santiago de Chile
Day 2 Santiago de Chile/Punta Arenas
Day 3-4 At Sea
Day 5-8 Antarctica
Day 9-10 At Sea
Day 11 Chilean Fjords
Day 12-13 Puerto Natales
Day 14 Puerto Edén
Day 15 At Sea
Day 16 Castro
Day 17-18 At Sea
Day 19 Valparaíso, Chile

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