Iceland? Why would one want to visit?


Selvogur | Photo credit: Visit Iceland/Olgier Andresson

The answer is simple, and once one knows, not surprising! Iceland is very different. More different than anywhere else. Read More

Poland – all about one’s history


Stained glass - Tempel Synagogue, Cracow, Poland | Photo credit: Grzegorz Korpas

Given the popularity of tracing one’s relatives and family history ( and and the popular TV series WHO DO YOU THINK YOU ARE), many people today are travelling to Poland, Romania and Russia to visit, and perhaps research, records of “where they came from”. Read More

Renting a car

Travel Tips

rental car insurance

Prior to leaving for your trip, do not assume that your Auto or Credit Card insurance includes various levels of auto insurance Read More

Air Canada Launches Student Passes

North America, Travel News


Air Canada has introduced Student Pass. Students living away from home and who are registered in a Canadian or American institution are eligible for this handy travelling solution. Designed to fit a student’s frugal budget these travel passes are convenient and only available for a limited time so be sure to purchase yours before this offer ends on September 12th 2011. Read More

I’ve Been There: Cancun

Caribbean / Mexico, I've Been There

Relaxing in Cancun

I've just returned from Cancun with a group of 14. Cancun is most famous for its beaches, which were completely re-built a few years ago due to the effects of several major hurricanes. This popular destination provides that great combination of nature, history and attractions. Read More

Québec City: A most satisfying “foreign” immersion

North America

Quebec City's Old Town area, like Montreal's, can be enjoyed and appreciated by just aimlessly wandering. The area is compact, both on top of the hill and under the hill. Restaurants abound. Small museums flourish. Two major architectural treasures are the gold-clad altar of the Basilica-Cathedrale Notre-Dame-de-Quebec and the courtyard of the 17th century Seminary.Read More

Adventures in Chile’s Lake Country

Central / South America

Looking for your next adventure? You probably wouldn’t think of visiting Chile … Read More

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