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Be sure to plan your Travel / Health insurance requirements carefully! Read More

Romania? You’re in for a surprise (In a grand way)!


Peleş Castle | Photo credit: Victoria Reay

If you enjoy the history, cultures and romance of a European vacation, then consider spending some time in Romania. The diverse landscape, the traditions and the remarkable foods are just few of the reasons which make Romania a great destination choice for your trip. Romania is situated in south central Europe and is considered the […] Read More

Emerging Destinations: Galapagos Islands

Central / South America, Feature Destination

The Galapagos Islands were the world’s very first World Heritage site

The Galapagos Islands are renowned and celebrated the world over for the abundant number of species that have inhabited the islands for centuries. In fact, studies conducted by Charles Darwin in the islands led to his theory of evolution. For more years than we can count, nature has flourished here relatively undisturbed. Volcanic activity that... Read More

National Geographic picks Muskoka as #1

North America, Travel News

photo credit: Creative Media

Folks in Ontario and at Tourism Ontario should be proud. In the National Geographic Traveler Magazine, Muskoka, Ontario was “handpicked” by National Geographic Traveler editors as their choice for the best summer travel destination for those looking for an “out-of-the-ordinary” summer vacation area. Read More

Live in Canada? Visiting Canada? Take the train!

North America

VIA Rail's The Canadian making its way through the forested hills of the Rockies mountains. Photo credit: Matthew G. Wheeler

If you are visiting Canada from abroad, or you happen to live in Canada and are planning a trip, why not consider travelling aboard a train. It has been said that the most spectacular North American rail journeys are in Canada. And it’s true, the excitement and scenery are spectacular when traveling across Canada onboard a train Read More

Jamaica you would not think to visit, hear or taste!

Caribbean / Mexico

By Lee Foster The Jamaica of my experience proved to be an intriguing but challenging destination to recommend. I looked at old Port Antonio, where tourism began in Jamaica a hundred years ago. After that immersion, I visited the more modern Ocho Rios, where the newer phase of planned all-inclusive resort tourism greets the traveler. […] Read More

The Melancholy of Chile’s Easter Island

Central / South America

A melancholic feeling arises on Easter Island as one learns that the Stone Age people who lived here gradually destroyed themselves by incrementally degrading their environment... Read More

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