Costa Rica: The sporting Life!

Central / South America

Scuba diving is just one of many great ways to get wet in Costa Rica

Seventh Heaven found on and under water If Co2 is your thing, then you will want to consider a trip to Costa Rica. An ideal destination for adventure travellers, Costa Rica can boast of many water-related adventures that are sure to appease … A tropical haven for those who enjoy the water, Costa Rica, because […] Read More

The Essence of Ecuador

Central / South America

Colourful fabrics on display at the Saturday market in Otavalo, Ecuador

Words are hardly descriptive Though Ecuador is the smallest of the Andes countries, it is no less exciting than its neighbours. Here, you can visit South America’s most famous marketplace in Otavalo, see penguins on the Galápagos Islands, and learn how to fish piranhas in the jungle! Ecuador is bordered to the north by Colombia, […] Read More

Costa Rica is protecting itself!

Central / South America, Travel News

Photo credit: Raphaël Fauveau

Costa Rica’s Blue Flag Ecological Program ensures ecological sensitivities When visiting Costa Rica, you will be heartened to know that coastal environs are monitored monthly to ensure that areas adhere to The Blue Flag Ecology Program, which is a joint venture of several Costa Rican agencies, including the Costa Rican Tourism Institute, the Ministry of […] Read More

Durban: The Golden Port of South Africa



Modern Durban was founded in the 1830’s following a gift of land by the then Zulu King, Shaka. The settlement was named in honour of the Cape Colony governour, Sir Benjamin d’Urban. Durban’s bright beaches and vibrant nightlife create a subtropical city holiday you won’t forget. Durban, or eThekwini, is the largest city in Kwa-Zulu […] Read More

I’ve Been There: Uniworld River Cruises

Cruises, I've Been There

uniworld cruise europe

Photo credit: 20 Countries, 13 Rivers, 40 Itineraries, 500 Departures Multi-award winner Uniworld Boutique River Cruises provide distinctive ships, creative itineraries If you have been aboard one or more of the many cruise ships available today – perhaps sailing the in the Caribbean or sailing the west coast to Alaska, you may now want […] Read More

Argentina: Tourists are welcome

Central / South America

Diagonal Norte, in Buenos Aires, Argentina

Argentina, officially the Argentine Republic, is the second largest country in South America, after Brazil. And the government and Ministry of Tourism officials want you to visit. In the last few years, tourism has taken a marked step forward, both internally and on the world stage as government officials have recognized that, all previous difficulties […] Read More

The U.S. Virgin Islands: No less than enlightening

Caribbean / Mexico

photo credit by: mxgirl85

Huge staghorn coral spread its antler-like arms below me. Swaying soft fan coral undulated with each wave pulsation. Blue tang, angelfish, sergeant majors and other tropical species with the most lavish colors swam freely. A large sea turtle meandered through the coral maze. An inquisitive eel popped out to watch my passage. A ghostly ray swept along on a sand avenue between the coral heads … Read More

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