Contemplating a Baltic cruise? Begin in St. Petersburg


A cruise in the Baltic can take you to some of Europe's most intriguing cities. Read More

Charter Yachting: Freedom on the Seas


yacht charter caribbean

Imagine your own private and often luxuriously-outfitted hotel, your own private swimming pool, your own personal Captain, chef and crew, your own private beach ... This is charter yachting. Read More

Kenya’s Wildlife Heritage: The word Kenya means “abode of the gods”


A wildlife tapestry presents itself as the orange sunset falls on another evening of animal abundance in Kenya. For such primeval nature experiences many foreign travelers make a trip to Kenya each year. Read More

Yes, it really is Noah’s Ark



The next time you find yourself in Dordrecht, which is a city in the western Netherlands about 65 kilometres from Amsterdam, be sure to have a look at Noah’s Ark. For three years, the residents of this quaint and charming have watched as a local businessman’s dream of building a real-life Noah’s ark, stocked with thousands […] Read More

Brazilian Carnival

Central / South America

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  Plan carefully: there’s more festival than meets the eye You’ve heard about it. You’ve seen pics on TV. So now maybe it’s time to see the Carnival of Brazil for yourself! The world-famous Carnival (In Portuguese: Carnaval) is an annual festival, celebration, parade and cavalcade that is held every year forty-six days before Easter. And […] Read More

Shanghai: The Paris of the East



Shanghai (In Chinese, 上海) is the most populated city in China and one of the largest urban areas in the world. Located on China’s eastern coast at the mouth of the Yangtze River, the city is administered as a municipality with province-level status. Shanghai is often regarded as the centre of finance and trade in […] Read More

Your feet!

Travel Tips


New shoes, sandals, runners for your big trip? Wear them for two weeks prior to leaving. You won’t regret it … and you know why! Read More

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